What to expect...

1. Pre-planning

I typically like to meet with my couples at least twice before their big day. At the first meeting, we will talk about my contract and the services I provide. We will also set up a time and location for your engagement session. When we meet for the second or sometimes third time depending, we will talk in detail about how your day will look. As a photographer, I have a unique perspective on your big day since I am probably the only person who will be tagging along with you from start to finish! It is important that I know when and where everything is happening so I can be sure to capture every special moment.

2. The Big Day

When your day finally arrives we will have gone over all the details and I will be there to be sure everything goes smoothly. Part of my job as your photographer is to take some of that pressure off of my couples. They don't need to be worrying about when we are supposed to be at the second location, because we have discussed it ahead of time and I help manage how the day flows.

3. Your Photos

The day will go so fast. It will seem like it takes a lifetime to get here. And to be honest most of us have waited so long for this day, dreaming about it after that first kiss. When the day is over and you begin the rest of your lives together, you will always have the memories from that day captured forever in photographs. My processing time for weddings is currently about 6 weeks. I will go through every photo, picking out the best ones. I will enhance them and edit them. When they are ready for viewing I will send you the gallery where they are yours forever. Of course, if you have any questions or concerns after receiving the photos, you are always welcome to contact me!