So glad that you’re here. There are about a zillion photographers out there so the fact that you stumbled across my page has me feeling super grateful.

I'm Keelie. A homeschooling, homesteading, homemaker and daughter of the One True King. In 2013 I married my college sweetheart, and we now have 4 spirit, adventurous children. 

I have always felt like I should have grown up in the olden days. Anything vintage or nostalgic, pulls at my heart strings and gives me warm fuzzy feelings. I feel drawn to doing things the slow way. Our culture is so hyper obsessed with productivity and the outcome. We forget that there is beauty in the process.

I love documenting every day moments. Truth be told, this more than likely stems from my anxiety tied to the future. My obsessive need to hold on to each moment. I want to capture all the little details so I can cling tight to them when my house is calm and quiet, free from squeaky little voices and tiny, sandy toes. 

I know the memories that I want to hold onto the most are the ones where my children are just being themselves. The everyday moments. Dirty shoes, proof of seriously playtime in the yard. Mismatched clothes, because wearing what's comfortable trumps all. And

want the photographs to be able to pull us back to simpler times.

These are the days. These are the memories. They are homemade and unique and they are everything!

hey there!

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